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tv   Huckabee  FOX News  February 24, 2013 12:00am-1:00am PST

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>> greg: back to tv's andy levi for the post game wrapup. >> a new e book out. >> called my mother's bible. it is really good. yeah. boring. >> who is going play you in the movie? >> his mom. >> dana, if you would like people to do something. >> i have twitter. follow me on twitter. find all sorts of things about greg on my twitter. >> mostly just dog pictures. >> and they are great. >> bernie, how is the i man doing? >> wonderfully. thank you for asking. the fox business network on the radio. my book about being a male prostitute called damn that hurt. >> greg: did you a relationship with william hurts?m harris fa, huckabee now. >> tonight on huckabee. i will veto any effort to get
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rid of the automatic spending cuttedings. >> he was for it before he was against it >> the cuts known as sequestration are a bad idea. how he is blaming the republicans. senator graham on the showdown . how is your government defending us from cyber attack. >> we tommed the burglars where the silver is opened a case of beer and watched them do it. >> stoning further atakes that can send the united states back to the stone age. >> that's why we have call boxs and safe zones . that's why we have the whistles. >> whist elves. tonight, women explain why they rather stick to their gun to deif i understand themselves. >> ladies and gentlemen, governor mike huckabee. [ applause ] ♪ >> thrank you very much .
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great audience here in new york and welcome to huckabee, from the fox studios in new york city. it is it oscar weekend and the film world prepares to honor the best of the hollywood. year after the amazing meryl strep appeared on this very show she was named for best actress for spot on performance is i think her being on huckabee put her over the top. i think the connection is pretty obvious. if bradley cooper wins for silver linings play book, it is certainly going to be his appearance on this show that gave him stateur he needed to be treated with respect as a great actor. now bradly in your acceptance speech you don't have to mention anything about our interview and its role getting you to the oscar. i am just glad to be of help.
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i just with wish i could have gotten hugh jack man and anne hathway and that would have named the oscars for les mis. i hope they win best picture because of the success of the film in the box office it is a big win for the american film audience. i saw the broadway play and saw the scrine version. it is it what movies are made for. i sat stunned in the very end of the showing, the friday night audience in new york of all places, applauded. applauded a movie . even in cynicical and not so religious new york,ment audience was so moved bypass the powerful story of redecemption their reaction employees to applaud. it is it a familiar story about a man who paid more than reasonable to cover his crimes only to find out that some
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people are not as forgiving as god. i will not ruin the film by telling you all of the 69ings. a story of faith, forgiveness and unselfish behavior and grace and redemption. harpedly the heart and soul of most hollywood filmings. but the packed theatered needed that more than bombs and bad boys and bullets flying. i would love to see lesmis to win. balse hollywood would be reminded there is it a market for family friendly movises. 32 years ago america getting used to a new president ronald reagan. a military that was demoralized and a population of americans who real were feeling let down. he a fine oratorand communicator and dismissed by
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those as a actor. >> he had courage toto stand on p and paved the way for the end of the soviet union and communism in eastern europehe was an actor who left to become a politician and president. from politics to acting, now 32 years later, we have a person in the office who once was a politician and now is it an actor. pretending to be president and acting alarmed over the very sequestitration bill he proposed. i liked it when hommy wood actors became great leaders than when chicago politician became great actors. stow the president has been blaming republicans in the deadline, but how many menches none what sequestration is?
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wep sent bill shultz to find out. >> taking a jury and take them away from the press and media. >> and you malady. what is it as relate to the republican congress and president. >> now you have me. >> are you single? >> what is sequestitration. >> it is it 48th and what is it >> i don't know. >> i am not clear myself. >> it must be weep use in our dail lives! , are you a politician. >> what is that. >> a horse. >> it is not like a horse. >> there is it a sequestration problem where they will spend it through congress the way we want. >> this is one informed
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gentlemen. >> what is semestering. >> you would know that better than i. >> you have odd behavior problems and they make you repeat semesters . billschult z. >> congress are semestering because they're immature. >> and i like your style. >> that is it a big name for automatic spending cuts and scheduled to go in to affect on friday unless a deal is reached. >> the president said it will leave to lay offs for pint gon employees and first responders and airport security personnel and other workers and joining me to wou talk about is senator lindsay graham. >> thank you. >> it is such a political theater and a lot of the republicans are saying let's just let the president have it
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and see what he can do with it and what do you propose to do about sequester? >> well, number one, the reason it is it a bad idea it devastated the military. why have cut out of the department of defense . sequestitration would unravele our military. the idea of republicans let it go into affect and watch the president fix it is not leadership. i thought we were the party of the fiscal. the republican pass -- house passed a bill . democratic want to raise taxings . republican senators should put a plan on the table than turning the government over to barack obama to find the cuts. i don't like that proposal at all. >> do you plan to work with the republicanless and put a plan on the table. >> there you? q. >> i want to get my
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republican colleagues to cum up with ape plan. if we start laying people off and get fur lowed one day out of five you don't get paid. we should have memberings of congress pay docked. if why ask conscience did contractors and people in the government to suffer because we can't find 1.2 trillion and instead of firing the soldierings. we ought to fire the pol. we need to reduce our pay by one-fifth. >> i think that is it a great idea and just like the americans applaud here in the studio today. >> the president was the one who proposed it this is it the president speaking about it two years ago >> already some in congress are trying to undo automatic spending cuts. my message to them is simple, no. i will veto any effort to get rid of those automatic
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sphending cuts domestic and defense spending. >> this employees his idea and yet he is blaming the republicans. does he have a lapse of memory or dishonest. >> he's disingenous on this as he is a lot of things. sequestitration came from the white house. you mentioned ronald reagan 32 years ago. where did the parity of ronald reagan go? how could they gut the defense as the solution. fire the pol and not the sold yirings. heap's the commander and chief and i am not. how could he preside over dismandling the military when the world is on fire. it is not a peace dividend to be had out there. he's very disingenous and i am made with the republicans and i am working with senator
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mccain and ayelot to find a solution . we can cut sequestitration . the president should have us in the white house instead blaming us. >> and fix the problem. >> first responders will be laid off and long waits at the airports. how much is purhyperboly. two percent of the federal budget and may impact the military. but most households are doing a lot less than two percent than they had a few years ago. >> absolutely. it is political theater . on the defense side it is real. if you implement sequestitration we'll lose the ability to modernize our . the naturey will go down from 235 to and smallest army and cutting are 100,000 out .
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want defense side it is real. you can't convince me wee will not find one trillion without dethe defense department. but the republicans, don't you think mike, should lead and wool is this've've --- we should have a altern tiver. >> i don't trust the president to fix it by himself. >> nor do i. >> he got new taxings in exchange for cutting spending and there are zero spending cuts and now wants more taxings. senator, if the republicans cave in on this and say mr. president we'll give you more taxings, he still hasn't put cutos the tablings. >> thing we have cut is the defense department. 489 billion taken out. 1.2 trillion for obama care and will 600 billion fiscal
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cliff deal. we don't need to raise taxes to fix sequestitration. way to put revenue is flatten the tax code and put entitlement reform. next time upon republicans should do revenue is when democratics will fix entitlementings. mr. president, have a legacy worthy of being president . do the big deal and quit playing small ball. >> senator, thank you for the courageous stand you have taken in keeping us from automatically confirming chuck hagel and john brennan without getting answers on bengazi. thank you for holding fast and i hope you will continue. >> we'll get to that the bottom of this, mike. thank you very much. >> the chinese government is denying it had anything to do with the hacking of over 100
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american companies computer systems. how vulnerable are we. chairman . house intelligence commit eye mike rogers will tell us when we come back. >> go to my website . follow my
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>> obama administration officials said the government is working on cyber security in the u.s. because of attacks from the chinese g. so far the attacks haven't affected the u.s.. but with a click of a mouse, hackers could shut down electric grids and air traffic corrode and aciss the launch codes it could happen and my
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next guest said we are not pripaired. chaper joining me is chairman mike rodgers. >> thank you. >> how urgint is cyber security in the u.s.? >> i will tell you, it is not just 115 companies. there are two companies left in america. those who are hacked and know it and those who are hacked and don't know it. i never staw such a prolific growing problem that the united states is not prepared to handle and that is it chinese stealing the blueprints and take back to china and repurposing it and competing for the companies in the international company. a very large manufacturing company was hacked and they argue because of the theft, chinese theft took it back and copied their product and
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competing against them. 25,000 u.s. manufacturing jobs lost because of it >> why aren't we doing something more about it? this is huge. >> it is huge. >> wo've why don't we hear more about this, congressman? >> companyings are reluctant to talk about it ours was the first committee two years ago to come out and name as the number one espion age actor in the world . weep never saw anything like it in the history of the world by the way . companies are reluctant to come forward. i couldn't get someone to testify because of fear of retribution for doing business in china. we had an odd events that allowed companies to say i don't want to talk about it and it might hurt my stock prices and ability to raise capitol and we have pushed the envelope and pushed the envelope until now the report
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that you referenced showed how serious chinese respionage is and we need to wake up today. why are in a cyber war with china and iran and we are likewising, mike, that's the problem. >> stounds like we are held hostage bypass chin a. they are holding businesses and their ransom for all practical purposings. talk about what a hacker potentially do to the electric grid in a way to business anding but every american citizen? >> here is it a coupil of things to remember. most are familiar with the crim nam side of pime breaking in your bank account. this is more sophisticated level than that . a nations and iran and russia have military planning, that if they were going to have aggressive operation they would first come in and shut
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down your electric grid and all of your electricity would go out and hut down your access to financial institution and grocery store has no electricity and no way to repair it any time soon . you know the financial services 60or and people wouldn't have access to cash. it would cause huge problems and we know that china has that as part of the capability . the first real private company and public report on the kinds of things they are pripaired to do was thra that. trying to crate chasos. they used to do it with boimings and now thape would do it with cybir attacks of epic porportions. >> i appreciate your vigilance on that. i don't think the average american heard these sceniarios that are played out. look forward to having you
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back soon. >> the president and vice-president and most democratics are pushing for gun control. but a number of women are gun owners and more than five million and twov them will join us next and tell
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>> week colorado democratic joe salaczar made stunning comments for arguing for a ban on concealed weapons. >> that's why we have call boxes. we have safe zones and that's why we have the whistems, because you don't know who you will being at and you don't know if you file like you are
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going to be raped or following you around and if feel like you are in trouble and you may not actually be. you pop out the gun and pop. pop around at somebody. >> okay. salaczar sense arkpologiized for his comments you think? he still stands for a gun ban. my next guest has arguments to prove why the colorado lawmakers is wrong. we have a woman's shooting lying . brook cheney mother of two young children and a competitor. juliana. let me start wu. you hear the commints by representative out in colorado and i scratch mipe head and say good heavens, what doesn't he get? >> it is fence fince and i have condeingly and disrespectful of women in general to assume we don't
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have the ability to know when we are in danger or to trust our fire instincts and that we are not capable of using a fire arm to defend ourselves if that is it the last resort. >> brook, you heard we heard that women need to be in combat and now why are going to send them in combat but only with a whistle? how dureact when up heard his comments? >> i was upset by the comment. for me, it shows he's never talked to a rape victim or a person who uses a gun for self defense. a gun for self defense is the last line of defense. if you have a whistle great. if that doesn't work can you find a safe zone? really? as a person i can't make a
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decision to protect myself is crazy. he has not been research. >> brook, this is it personal to you . i don't mean to open a tough wound. tell us why it is deeply personal more than something abstract to you. >> whenip a teenager i was gang rape happened by 10 boys. he talks about safe zones, when you look at limited statistics that you can have on rape, 60 or 80 percent you already think you are in a safe zone when you are being raped because it is family and friends and not a guy in a dark ali near the most part. >> juliana, you have seen a huge surge of women who are obtaining fire arms and learning how to use them. is that why you started the organization you . a girl and a gun.
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>> tummy, imented more women to join me in the shooting range. target practice and i thought if i made it a fun social stress-free environment they would come and be more willing to learn and be more excite tod participate in what we consider a male dominated sport. just girl's night out in the shooting range and girl time to get comfortable with the fire arm we are successful in two years with 11 states and 26 chapters and over 930 members right now who love to come together as women and help each other learn and shoot guns and look at it as a hobby and self defense. >> you are young and attractive women and don't fit the stereo thattype that people some women can shoot guns and tear a bear apart.
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you guys look normal to me. but have had friend that is came up to you and said what is wrong wuand said are you nuts, you want to shoot gunce? >> i have had people say what are you afraid of. i said i am not afraid. i am prepared for situations that i may face in my life. i do get responses, you shoot guns? yay, i would have never guessed that you were an action shooter. even in the airport when we check in our guns, the ticket agent said you shoot guns. yay, here they are right here. getting ready to be checked in. >> brook, your own personal experience covers this. but you have two children as well >> yeah. >> is there part of you that said i don't want to be a victim. >> a part that doesn't want to be a victim, but the other
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part, it is a skill and no different than playing golf. it suspect one of those things my husband travels and i know it takes half an hour for a state trooper to get to my house when the alarm goes off . i have two precious lives to protect. i want to make sure mipe family is safe and i my children know how to handle the fire arm and i am safe and i want to get a skill better. i find fun finding other women at the clubs as well. >> i want to thank you for being here. it is great to talk to you and sounds like you, gun control is not the answer but using both hands and aiming carefully. thank you so much for being with us. >> and new york's mayor and the vacation time .
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1:00 p.m. >> the president and his administration are under scut ninny for the lap of transparency. they are finding ways to avoid tough questions and last weekend shut the media out of the golf outing with tigir woods. bloomburg's defense of the percent kicks off the quote of the week. >> i don't know why the president has to have people watch him. mayor, i the president is on call 24 hours a day. i don't begrudge a vacation. that is fine except, except when the rest of the week he
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goes out and tells us all that the country is about to absolutely collapse because of the alabama gedon based on sequestration. if it is it true woo are standing in long lines to get on the airplane and if if is true that the fizz will go out of the sodas because of sequestration. don't you think rather than playing golf and complaining about the republicans maybe it would be a better idea to get back to washington and sit down with some of them and look them in the eye and talk about how to solve the problem and not simply how to describe it. leadership mr. president and not vacation you get your job don, you take vacation. work force and then vacation. not vacation and if we get around to it show up for work. that is it the plaintiff's exhibit. mr. mayor, i hope you understand that as well >> and in the latest example
12:39 am
of how ridiculous the security at the airport has become. tsa drove a 3 year old girl to tears. take a look at it >> i am videotaping my daughter. (crying) it is against the law for you to regard it --- record it that breaks my heart. poor little three year old girl has spina bifida . she's in the st. louis airport no, we have to check not only her but her wheelchair, too. i am sympathetic with being safe. i want to make sure we take every precaution we can. but when you are dealing with a three year old and treat them as if they were under arrest. can we not just use a little
12:40 am
bit of common sense and not only treat the girl with respect but treat her parents with some as well . if you are going to put hands on the little girl don't do it without the parents being in charge with the process so that you don't scare the daylights out of a wits so that she doesn't want to go to disneyworld. we understand the neeped of tsa. but i don't know if we believe we are safer because we take a three year old in a wheelchair and put our hands all over hoar scare her to death and make her cry. n if that makes us safe, fine. explain it to my. i don't get it >> vice-president biden has a solution on how to protect yourself from bad guys. >> we live in an area that is it wood secluded.
12:41 am
so jill if there is a problem walk out on the balcony hire and put that double barrette shot gun and fire two blasts outside of the house. i promise who ever is coming in is not going coming up. you don't need an ar-15 it is it hard tore aim and use and in fact you don't need 30 round toz protect yourself. buy a shot gun. buy a shot gun. >> go to joe's shot gun emporium. first of all. dunotice the guy sitting by him. it was like verbalizing it. he could just read his mind saying is this guy for real? joy said buy a shot gun. that is terrific. his advice to his wife was go out on the balcony and in the world of joy salaczar. pop a few rounds . one little problem joe didn't check out in.
12:42 am
delaware where his home is, it is it a felony to go out on the balcony and pop a few rounds. joy, you might ought to chick on that before you invite your wight to spind time in the pokey because she follow would your advice . hope who ever is breaking in doesn't have more than she has in the double barrel shot gun. thanks for the great advice. >> gas prices are through the roof you know that. can be done to slow them down? e back. stay with us. .
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>> gags prices are rising at erate higher than any spring since 2005. the price of gas went up a half dollar a gallon. how much higher can it go? can anything be done to stop this stuff? joining me is charlie and jerry. good to have you guys here. [ applause ] >> jerry gas prices jumped 45 cents in the past 31 days, why? >> this is the highest we have seen them this time of year. there is it a reformulation of
12:47 am
the blending going on and raises prices. but the refineries are having trouble shutug down. it is it an aging structure. we are shutting one in new jersey and it is causing real problemings. >> charlie, the president said that president bush should be able to do something. can this president now do something about it? >> you can. some of it is out of his control. oil is traded on a commodities and if you have interest rates low. investors are buying up other commodit ies. >> explain that. >> interest rates are low. and return on the bond is liss than stockings . that's why stocks are going up and less than the return on commodities. guess what that up the price of oil and hence drives up the price of gasoline.
12:48 am
it is it a rate by the fed. how do you counter act that. only way to counter act is increase. if -- the president made bizarre why it is a global market and bought over seas so the prices don't necessarily go down. they will be lower than they would be otherwise. >> what are the ways we can do that? but off shore driming and lighting up the regulations. >> absolutely and quentin knocking on the industry and the president talked about the special perks . exconpaid 23 billion and they are paying a fair share and go after facebook this week not paying any federal taxings. >> higher gasoline prices is very aggressive and it is not just the oil ump colorful is getting away with murder.
12:49 am
it hits the average and guy and poor guy and rich guy . not progressive. >> and another thing that is hurting a lot of american taxings. 77 percent of the americans saw the paycheckings go down . we have had companies like walmart react to it >> look, no one can plan or saw it coming u. a true surprise . if you make 65,000. you have a 13000 hair cut. that is meaningful for people out there. >> nice hair cut . it is it 110 billion out of the entire economy . retailers who rely on the dollars. >> it was not quite a surprise. >> this is it a surprise to regular people. >> it shouldn't have been. we talked about this. >> it is it talked about how
12:50 am
you and everybody. average people including rich people are getting a pay roll tax increase. don't ask me why. this is it bad. you can talk about the stock market. i think that is it a technical factor and why put your monep in bonds when you can put your money in stockings. what is happening is that retailers are saying that consumption is going to slow down. >> the economy will slow down and that is it a huge part of the gdp. >> jerry, the president said we need more taxings to deal with sequestration. >> why do we need more taxes right now . we have an economy with unemployment and enduring new obama taxes and last thing they need is it highir taxes and ticking along and fourth quarter is negative . higher taxes will make it
12:51 am
worse and not better. >> it is it duplic ituous. it is taking all the tax rates down so people can spend more and businesses can invest more and close the loop holes so you don't create absurd conditions where e people invest in certain ways. >> i have an answer. geri and charlie for congress. >> no way. >> campaign starts today. [ applause ] >> both of you are way too smart for that. thank you for being here. nice to have you. >> les mes nominate coming up a special
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>> this weekend, hommy wood's best celebrate the 85th annual academy awards. the move i is up for best picture and so in the picture of oscars we will close out the show with mark mcvey who held the lead role longer than anyone in broadway history. here's mark with the show's signature song bring him home . let me say until next week this is it mike huckabee from new york. we'll leach you with this magnificent song from the film. ♪ ♪ in my need,
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you have always been there. ♪ in him he's a friend. ♪ let me rest heaven's gate. ♪ bring him home -- ♪ bring him home. ♪ bring him home. ♪ like the sun light i have known. ♪ if god granted me a son.
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♪ if i who may -- ♪ i am old and will be gone. ♪ you can make, you can give. ♪ let him be. ♪ let him live. ♪ if i find ...
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♪ let him live. ♪ bring him home. ♪ ♪ bring him home ... ♪ bring him home .... on ♪ ♪ ♪ [ applause ]
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